A Level Physics Explained

Welcome to a revision website for A Level Physics

This site contains brief outline notes for all the key topics for A Level Physics. It is tailored for the English AQA exam board but the basic concepts are the same what ever exam board used.

Currently the pages are complete for the 1st year of the A level course - I am working on notes for the 2nd year so check back soon.

I have used images from a number of sources and intended just to link to them to avoid any copyright issues but could not in the end because of the way I made the pages (in MS Word and then converted to html). Sorry if I have caused any difficulties. Let me know and I will rectify any issues.
This has also led to lots of formatting issues. I am gradually working my way through these to make the pages look better.

The website is provided as a free educational resource for my own students. Any errors and/or omissions ar emy own.

I would be grateful for any comments - email me here or @iamdancottle.

I produced a few videos to support the practical skills for the ISA's in the old A level specs. These are still relevant so watch here if interested...